Daily Pay It Forward

Empowering Youth with Financial Education

America has a financial literacy problem. Daily Pay It Forward was born to address this issue and encourage stability in future generations.

Uncovering the Issues

A monumental factor in attaining financial wellness is to cut impulse buying. The need is more acute in Millenials and Gen Z, who feel pressured to keep up with their peers via social media, creating a hyper-competitive environment for spending.

Daily Pay It Forward is set out to reverse Americans’ current behavior patterns

  • 30%

    Impulse Spending

    The average American spends 30% of their income on impulse buys over the course of their lifetime

  • $5,400


    By setting aside $15 dollars a day, you would accrue $5,400 in a year

  • 6x

    Grow Your Money

    If you saved that leftover money instead, you could get 6x the return

Through Daily Pay It Forward’s custom curriculum, we hope that we can correct careless spending and focus on channeling that money to more useful long term goals like saving and investing for a house or second degree.